VAIDYA PAWAR AYURVEDIC DOCTOR IN LANJA,RATNAGIRI//Trimarmiya ayurved chikitsalaya & panchakarma center
About Panchakarma Therapy and it's importance

               Panchakarma treatment has instant results so, it has it's own importance in Ayurveda by detoxication process panchakarma allows the disease causing factors to come out from the body. main causes of santarpanoth diseases such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, obesity, coronary heart disease are failure of body to throw off the waste products set free by our cells and also we fail to keep our system clean. Arteries in the body harden because of the deposits left in them the pores of body cells become so clogged with waste so they can no longer absorb nutrients and cells become dry. The concept of sharir shuddhi  by  panchakarma is not for only cleaning alimentary system but it is cleaning of all the systems (srotas) of body. Ayurveda expect the definition of sharir shudhi at cellular level of body.
indications of panchakarma therapy are as follows-:
for detoxication of body which avoids desease like hyperlipidemia diabetes high blood pressure paralysis and improve health.
                                Panchakarma are not only given for sharis shudhi but also it can be given for rasayan(rejuvenation) and vajikaran(improve strength and vitality) purpose.
                                Specific panchakarma related to disease is given to cure the disease.
        Charak stated the importance of panchakarma as for kost sudhi( cleaning of all systmes) agnivardhan(improves metabolism) , vyadhi nivrutti (cure disease)prakruti anuvartan (improve health)Bal, pusti, vrushyata(improve strength and vitality) it avoids jara(keep young for long time) & geriatric problems.
                In our practice we experienced miracle results of panchakarma we treated many cases with panchakarma therapy in which Ayurveda gave excellent results in various diseases except the acute surgical and accidental or traumatic condition we should have to take ayurvedic treatment and experience the results of Ayurveda.

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