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        The primary factor in hypertension is an increase in peripheral resistance resulting from vasoconstriction of narrowing of peripheral blood vessels.

        Systemic blood pressure rises with age and the incidence of cardiovascular disease(particularly stroke and coronary artery disease) The  cardiovascular risk associated with a given blood pressure are dependent upon the combination of risk factor in the specific individual these include age, gender, weight, physical inactivity smoking, family history, blood cholesterol, diabetes mellitus and preexisting vascular disease.

        According to modern science in more than 95% of cases a specific underlying cause of hypertension cannot be found such patients are said to have essential hypertension. Important environmental factors include high salt intake heavy consumption of alcohol, obesity lack of exercise and impaired intrauterine growth.
Alcohol, pregnancy (Pre-eclampsia),Renal disease, endocrine disease, drugs (oral contraceptives, steroids,NSAID)  Coarctation  of aorta.


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