VAIDYA PAWAR AYURVEDIC DOCTOR IN LANJA,RATNAGIRI//Trimarmiya ayurved chikitsalaya & panchakarma center
       Vaman is one of the panchakarma theorapy in Ayurveda. vaman is indicated for diseases caused by kapha dusti. prior vaman snehan(abhyantar snehapan & bahya snehan) and swedan is given to patient as purva karma. abhyantar snehapan is injection of increasing  amount of medicated ghee day by day (4-5 days) up to sneh sidhi. By process of snehan and swedan  dosha which are responsible to disease is carried out from shakha(srotus of various systems) to kosta. The actual procedure of vaman is carried out attach one two days after sneh sidhi. in which medicated kada according to disease, is given to drink to patient. vomiting Is induced by medicine. vaman is induced vomationg in which dushit kapha comes out easily. vaman is stopped when pitta dosha start to come out stage known as "pittantak" voman.

Vaman is given in following diseases-:

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