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Renal Failure
          The term is used to denote failure of the excretory function of kidneys leading of retention of nitrogenous waste products of metabolism at the same time various other aspect of renal function like regulation of fluid & electrolyte status and endocrine function of kidney may fail categorization of renal failure

Acute renal failure(ARF)-:
        ARF refers to sudden and usually reversible loss of renal function which develops over period of days or weeks an increased plasma creatinine concentration is ofter used as the biochemical definition a reduction in urine volume occurs usually but not always.

Chronic renal failure(CRF)-:
            CRF refers to deterioration in renal function which classically develops over period of years loss of excretory metabolic and endocrine functions of the kidney leads to the development of clinical symptoms and sign of renal failure which are referred to as uraemia. CRF may  be caused by any condition which destroys the normal structure and function of kidney.
Causes are
Renal failure may present as raised blood urea and creatinine found during routine examination often accompanied by hypertension proteinuria of anemia nocturia is often an early symptoms patient may present with complaints which are not renal in origin such as tiredness of breathlessness.