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Mental Retardation

                                Mental retardation is sub average general intelligence, manifesting during early developmental period. The child has diminished learning capacity and does not adjust well socially. The mental age is below the chronological age. Most of them present with the behavior syndrome of cerebral dysfunction. such as hyperactivity, short span of attention, distractibility, poor concentration, poor memory, impulsiveness, awkward clumsy movement, disturbed sleep, emotional instability, low frustration tolerance and wide scatter in intellectual function. Associated defects of the musculo-skeletal system, of vision or speech and hearing are often found in mental handicapped children. congenital anomalies of other systems apart from the neurological system may be associated, when cause is prenatal. Convulsions are common in the mentally handicapped.
            Mental retardation is due to interplay of several biochemical, sociocultural and psychological factors. These are as follow: