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        The infertility means inability or diminished ability to produce offspring. A couple fails to achieve pregnancy during 1yr.of unprotected intercourse, or a women repeatedly fail to carry a pregnancy to fetal viability. the infertility may be present either or both partners and may be reversible.
some factors responsible for infertility:
        The incidence of infertility in any community various between 5% to 15%. conception is the result of successful fertilization of the female egg by the sperm. hence the couple should be counselled individually and then together because both partners contribute varyingly to the occurrence of infertile is mandatory to investigate both the partners simultaneously to enhance the fertility potential of each individual partner .

Female infertility-:
Causes of female infertility-:

Male infertility-:
    Causes of infertility in male
1)    Disorder of spermatogenesis
2)    Obstruction of efferent ducts-:
               Inflammatory block (gonococcal, tubercular)surgical trauma
3)    Disorder of sperm motility ie. loss of reduction of motility of spermatozo in semen(Asthenospermia)
4)    sexual dysfunction-: it includes low frequency coitus, importence hypospadias, premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation
5)    psychological factors and environmental factors like smoking, alcohol consumption, tobacco chewing.


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