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Ischemic Heart Disease/IHD

    IHD means a lack of oxygen supply to the heart, with consequent altered cardiac function. The most common cause of myocardial ischemia is atherosclerosis of  coronary arteries. depending up on factors like, demand of myocardium, degree of narrowing of lumen of arteries, duration of ischemia, the end result is temporary or permanent damage to the heart.
Risk factor of heart disease-:

Clinical manifestations and pathology are shown below-:

Heart failure-:

        Heart failure means a temporary or chronic syndrome or clinical condition resulting from failure of the heart to maintain adequate circulation of blood. this condition may result from failure of right or left ventricle or both in mildest from of heart failure cardiac output is adequate at rest and become inadequate only when the metabolic demand increase during exercise or some other form of stress. Almost all form of heart disease can lead to heart failure.
    Symptoms of heart failure are Dyspnea, Cardiac asthema, stasis in systemic or portal circulation, edema, cyanosis, and may be hypertrophy of heart varying   with the affected side.

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