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                         Fissure in-ano is very common and painful condition. It occur most commonly in the midline posteriorly in males fissures on midline posteriorly in 90% cases. and much less commonly anteriorly 10% In females midline posteriorly are slightly commoner than anteriorly (60:40). This is due to trauma caused by foetal head on the anterior wall of anal canal during delivery. Constipation has been most common aetiological factor.
                                Secondary causes are: Ulcerative colitis, crohn's disease, syphilis. and tuberculosis. The condition is more common in women mostly seen between 30-50 yrs of age. Acute and chronic fissures are two types of fissure in ano. Acute fissure in ano is a tear of the skin of the lower half of anal canal. pain and bleeding are two main symptoms of this condition. pain starting with and following defaecation has been variously described as sharp, biting, burning. This acute fissure will cause spasm, pain of the defaecation and passage of bright streaks of blood along with the stool.

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