VAIDYA PAWAR AYURVEDIC DOCTOR IN LANJA,RATNAGIRI//Trimarmiya ayurved chikitsalaya & panchakarma center

        In Ayurveda basti treatment is described as ardha chikitsa. it means all the diseases are treated 50% by basti karma. the statement of acharya proves importance of basti in the panchakarma theorapy.According to Ayurveda pakwashaya(large intestine) is sthan of vat dosha. So treatment of sthan is very important in the disease caused by vat dosha. In procedure of basti medicated oils and kada is enjected through anal rute as like enema. it is also a rute of administration of drug (medicine in  which in large amount of medicated kada, oils are absorbed through intestine and remaining part comes out after some time. According to type and severity of disease patient is given various number of basti like yoga basti -8 basti, kala- 16 basti, karma- 30 basti.

Basti is given in following disease-:

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