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     It is of three types

Generalized anxiety:
Anxiety and worry are universal human experiences and only assume medical significance if they are disproportionate to stresses or persist after these have been resolved. Anxiety is common during the early stages of illness but usually subsides. Persistent anxiety is distressing interferes with medical management and may require specific attention.

1)    Psychological symptoms are:

2)    somatic disorder are:

Phobic anxiety-:
        A phobia is and abnormal or excessive fear of a perticular object or situation. Which lead to avoidance of it. A more generalised phobia of going out alone or being in crowded place.
Panic anxiety-:
            The symptoms of panic anxiety are due to episodic attacks of severe anxiety. Which are not restricted to any perticular situation and are therefore unpredictable. Somatic symptoms of anxiety such as chest pain, palpitation, breathlessness, dizziness and paraesthesiae are prominent. Patient often fear they are suffering from serious acute illness such as heart attack or stroke.

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