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Acne Vulgaris

                Acne is almost ubiquitous in the teenage is inflammatory disease of sebaceous glands and hair follicles of the skin lesions are usually limited to the face shoulders, upper chest and blak seborrhoea (greasy skin) is often clinically obvious. inflammatory popules, nodules and cysts occur with one or two types of lesion predomination scarring may follow.

                        conglobate ache refers to severe acne with many abscesses and systs, marked scarring and sinus formation. acne fulminans refers to presence of severe acne accompanied by fever joints pain and markers of systemic inflammation such as raised ESR.Acne excoriee refers to the effects  of scratching of picking principally on the face of teenage girls with acne. a mild form of acne dominated by the presence of comedones may be due to exogenous substabces such as tars, chlorinated hydrocarbons or oily cosmetics.

There are three pathogenic factors for acne-: