VAIDYA PAWAR AYURVEDIC DOCTOR IN LANJA,RATNAGIRI//Trimarmiya ayurved chikitsalaya & panchakarma center

   About Clinic

   Vaidya Bapusaheb Pawar and vaidya Mrs. Sanjot Pawar established the Trimarmiya ayurved chikitsalaya and panchakarma center in Lanja at 08 Aug 2012. Lanja is Taluka Place  in Ratnagiri District and 43 Km from Ratnagiri. It is situated on Mumbai Goa highway.The clinic is only 2 min walking distance from bus stop. Panchakarma center is well equipped and has indoor facility of two patients. Food is from outside. In our practice for better results to patients and standard quality of medicine we prepared most of the medicine form panchabhautic chikitsa method.

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